The Flat-top Tower Cranes’s principal design feature is the compact head.

With the emphasis on quick and easy assembly, the simplified design is appealing and an undeniable benefit to the customer. While a welcome sight on any type of job site, many Flat Top cranes have been used on construction projects or near airports where overhead clearance is frequently a concern.

The central feature in the EC-B series is the newly developed compact head which is mounted by a mobile crane in a single lift. The complete unit contains movable cab, switchgear cabinet, fold-out frame, slewing gear, slewing ring with slewing ring support and current collector. The newly designed comfort cab is attached and removed by means of quick-release fastenings and is identical for all small and medium-sized EC-B cranes.

The electrical systems are quickly connected by means of just a few plugs. Just one central switchgear cabinet is integrated into the compact head for the whole crane. Maintenance work is easy and safe to carry out. The compact head of the EC-B cranes leaves the factory completely pre-installed.

See the LiConnect System in Action

Preassembly of the newly designed counter-jib is carried out in just a few maneuvers on the ground. The rails have a fold-out design, meaning once unfolded all rails are fully attached. Assembly has also been simplified by means of foldout assembly supports for use in positioning the counter-jib guying system. The guy rods are in the exact assembly position.

With no intermediate steps in the assembly of the compact head components, the central unit is hoisted onto the tower in a single lift. As soon as the compact head has been mounted onto the tower and the electric connection established, it can be slewed straight into the ideal assembly position.


Liebherr cranes for lease or purchase

Model Max Radius Max Capacity Tip Capacity
172 EC-B 8 Litronic60 m / 197 ft8,000 kg / 17,640 Ibs2,100 kg / 4,630 Ibs
316 EC-B 12 Litronic75 m / 246 ft12,000 kg / 26,460 Ibs2,100 kg / 4,630 Ibs
340 EC-B 12 Litronic78 m / 256 ft12,000 kg / 26,460 Ibs2,400 kg / 5,290 Ibs
470 EC-B 20 Litronic82 m / 272 ft20,000 kg / 44,090 Ibs2,200 kg / 4,850 Ibs