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Since 1968, Morrow has focused exclusively
on the tower crane and construction hoist industry. As an exclusive distributor of Liebherr-manufactured tower cranes and as a representative of Alimak Scando hoists, we have developed a unique expertise and knowledge of our product line. Our technical knowledge and foundational support, combined with the high quality of our product, has made Morrow one of the most successful in the lift equipment industry.


Morrow is the exclusive distributor of Liebherr manufactured tower cranes in the United States and Canada. Switzerland based Liebherr Group is the largest crane company in the world and are world renowned for quality of workmanship, endurance, reliability, and safety record.
Morrow is a representative of Alimak Scando construction hoists. Swedish manufacturer Alimak Hek produces the Scando line of hoists complimenting our cranes for complete work site coverage.